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A  qualified teacher in adult education I am also an experienced workshop facilitator. I currently run art courses at the request of organised art groups but will be taking a sabbatical during 2024.

WORKSHOP 1.  Un-Posed People Sketching

A lively, fun and intense day workshop. Closely timed exercises simulate situations demanding rapid responses from the artists and help highlight the essentials needed to produce economical but realistically expressive sketches and drawings.

The approach transfers easily to sketching animals.

This workshop is suitable for all abilities and useful for any artist wishing to hone their direct observational skills no matter what they like to paint and draw. Think of it as a simply great workout for the artistic brain!

Contact me for more information

WORKSHOP 2. Creating a Monochrome Oil Study Using a 'Wipe-off' Approach

Working in monochrome removes the bewildering distraction of colour choices and paint mixing options whilst utilising a 'wipe-off' technique with rags helps artists stop getting lost in over fussy detailing at the outset. Media is applied to cover a support and, initially, removed to provide a first 'take' on the subject matter. By a continued process of removing and adding media a tonal monochrome image gradually emerges. During the workshop my demonstration will focus on portraiture but the approach and skills easily transfer to other subject matter eg animals, still life or landscape. Each participant will be helped to develop a study from their own choice of subject. The work created may be used later as an underpainting, a study for a full colour painting or taken to completion as a monochrome image.

(Oil paint; solvent + a prepared surface available for a modest additional cost.)

NB With a few tweaks the approach can be used with other media eg. watercolour.

Contact me for more information.

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