About Me

I am a latecomer to a career in art. A summer course at Slade School of Fine Art (London) in 2011 wetted my appetite for formal training and sales of artwork following that time funded two years at Leith School of Art (Edinburgh). I completed my final year in June 2016 when I was awarded the School's prize for Figurative Painting.

My working life has been centred around people from midwifery and teaching in the early days then later a career in counselling and therapy. People continue to be the focus in my current work including portraiture, life work and un-posed studies. The human form, individual personalities and complex interrelationships are endlessly intriguing to me. Other works include still life where the finished painting holds a hint of human presence if not an actual body! 

My preference is to paint from direct observation but I am happy to use sketches, memory, imagination and photographs as additional resources. I am developing an approach to oil paint application and use of colour to create an exciting and expressive visual experience as well as record what I see. My aim in portraiture is to produce a work that stands in its own right as a painting even if the sitter is not known to the viewer. 


Painting selected for Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize Exhibition (London) 2019

Gallery & Open Studio Exhibitions annually 2016-2019

Paintings selected for Lakes Artists Society Summer Exhibitions 2017, 2018, 2019

Paintings selected for Cumbria Artist of the Year Exhibitions 2015 & 2016

Awarded Leith School of Art's Figurative Painting Prize 2016

Leith School of Art Exhibition (Edinburgh) 2014 & 2016

C-Art Open Studio event annually 2011-2015

Paintings selected for Upfront Gallery Open Exhibition 2010

'Life & Still Life 2019' - joint exhibition 18th-26th August 2019  

Contact me via email to arrange a visit to my home gallery/studio throughout the year. 

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