This page is focused on my current process in relation to portraiture. Earlier works can be found on the 'Archive' page including paintings based on my mirror image concerned, primarily, with reflecting mood and emotion. Such self portraits have been very important to me in my development as an artist.

My preference is to work from life and the interaction/interrelationship between myself and the sitter informs my painting process. Recent portraits (excluding self portraits) involve anything from one to four sittings often over many weeks. I work on the over all painting aspect between sittings and have developed an approach using colour and mark making that hopefully creates an exciting visual experience as well as representing what I see and experience of the subject. I like time to consider next steps and to simply look, place the work in different contexts and see how that impacts my thinking about the painting.

BREAKING NEWS: Covid-19 and Lockdown almost stopped me in my tracks. Fortunately an initiative by Tom Croft artist #portraitsfornhsheroes reignited my enthusiasm. I have committed to painting 4 free portraits for NHS key workers. Chatting with them on the 'phone and sensing their delight at having their portrait painted overcame any resistance I had to working solely from photos.

Kirsty and Eve (subjects of the NHS portraits below) like many other community health workers are continuing their hands-on close work with patients in their own homes whether or not the patients have tested positive for Covid-19 and despite having less-than-perfect PPE...now that's dedication and courage. Thank you.

Contact me for more information.

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